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At Max Hogar we think about the well-being of your home!

We have some practical tips which we hope will be of great use to you.

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Hello, I'm Max. 

I am in charge of giving advice and guidance to our clients to improve the comfort in their homes. 
In this space, I will also give you instructions on how to
  use and select our products well. 

How to protect your vehicle from bumps in the parking lot?

Parking Lot

How to keep your wooden furniture in perfect condition?

Image by Lui Peng

How to take care of pots and pans in your kitchen?

Image by Kevin McCutcheon

How to protect the glass of the dining room and coffee tables?

Image by Austin Paquette

Is your home or room very cold? Here's how you can improve the temperature

Image by Spencer Backman

Do you want to communicate with us?

Our goal is to make your life at home easier with each of our practical solutions


Get in touch with our offices in Bogotá, so that we can solve all your doubts about our Max Hogar products.

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