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How to keep your wooden furniture in perfect condition?

Image by Lui Peng

Many times we make the decision to buy wooden furniture for our house not only because of its beautiful appearance but also because of the touch of elegance that it gives to the home. However, we don't really know how we should take care of them to keep them in excellent condition. For this reason, here are our best tips for your wooden furniture: To erase circular stains from liquids that cups and glasses leave on the surface of wooden tables, let the stain dry well, then rub mayonnaise with a soft cloth until the stain disappears. You can also gently rub the stain with a rag dipped in water smeared with toothpaste.

•Be careful not to use products that contain alcohol because it can damage wooden furniture as well as cleaners that contain ammonia. You can prepare an excellent homemade polish by combining a cup of lemon oil with three cups of olive oil.

•The antiseptic essences of orange help keep the wood young and beautiful for a long time, orange revitalizes and gives a stimulating aroma. Use it every time you go to clean your furniture.

•Varnished wooden furniture can be cleaned with a mixture of a little hair shampoo and water. If the furniture is made of wicker or rattan, clean it with lemon juice and then dry it with a dry cloth.

•To recover the lost shine in lacquer furniture, prepare a strong tea with boiling water, let it cool, then rub a cloth soaked in the tea on the surface.

•After a blow, soak a cotton ball with warm milk on the area, hours later the wood will have swollen and it will seem like there has been no blow.

•To recover the brightness of the oak, boil a liter of beer with a large spoonful of sugar and two of beeswax, once melted it is left to cool and rubbed over the wood with a cloth.

These helpful tips can help you keep your wood furniture looking neat and radiant. You can also visit the section of our Non-slip so that you can place them under decorations, telephones, lamps and other elements that you put on top of your furniture and thus prolong its life for much longer.

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