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Max tells you how to protect wooden floors so they retain their shine, elegance and last a long time!


Wood floors are a classic in decoration, they provide environments with warmth and elegance, in addition to offering high resistance to the passage of time, however, the maintenance of wood requires a little more effort than marble or laminate flooring. , with each family gathering, and even now everyone is home in times of pandemic, hugs are exchanged, furniture is moved more, and floors are more prone to scratches and damage than normal.


Take action early to protect the floor and save money on repairs, it is important to be well informed on how to take care of it properly, this way it will remain as warm and elegant as if it were new.


Wood floors can deteriorate by:


  • Exposure to water, sun and humidity

  • Furniture traffic scratches

  • Using abrasive chemicals on the floor

  • Lack of maintenance

MAX recommends:

  • Dry cleaning daily and thus prevent abrasive particles from remaining between the furniture and the floor.

  • To keep floors looking shiny and sleek, it's a good idea to clean them with wax-based cleaners or natural products like olive oil

  • I hope you leave your shoes at the front door, and your guests too! In addition to avoiding dirtying your floors with bacteria (which is very important in times of pandemic), avoid scratching your floors with any stone caught in a shoe.

  • Install the MAX HOME SELF-ADHESIVE PROTECTIVE FELT on all the furniture in your home that is fixed or constantly moved, keep in mind that MAX HOME has different sizes, shapes and colors of felts that adapt to your needs, but if you cannot find the perfect size for your furniture legs, don't worry! MAX HOGAR offers you felts designed for you to draw the shape you need and cut it to your size.




  1. Clean the leg of the furniture where you are going to install the felt well with soap and water or alcohol, it must be free of grease or dust and please! Do not clean it with Varsol, remember that this has fat components that repel the adhesive.

  2. If you need it, draw the shape that fits the leg of your furniture on the paper on the back of the PROTECTIVE FELT and cut with scissors

  3. Remove the non-stick paper from the felt, be especially careful and try your best not to touch the adhesive with your fingers, our fingers always have grease and this decreases the TAG or strength of the adhesive.

  4. Attach the PROTECTIVE FELT on the adhesive side to the lower surface of the leg, exert strong pressure.

  5. As much as possible, try not to move the furniture where you installed the PROTECTIVE FELT , in the next two hours, so that the adhesive achieves its maximum grip.

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