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Is your home or room very cold? Here's how you can improve the temperature

Image by Spencer Backman

At some times of the year, especially when it is the rainy season, the atmosphere can become very cold and penetrates into homes and rooms. This can be easily avoided if you apply insulation elements to prevent the heat of your home or room from escaping through the edges of the doors and windows, in addition to saving you up to 15% in energy consumption, if you use heating.

•Here we show you some options to maintain a comfortable temperature in your home even on the coldest days: Foam weather stripping. They are usually very cheap and can last up to two years. They are installed on the edges of windows and doors, although they have the disadvantage of not being insulating enough if they are very thin. On the other hand, there are also flexible foam seals to cover the spaces in the lower part of the doors.

•Rubber gaskets. This material is much better insulating than the previous one, it is also more resistant to the passage of time; They can last up to 8 years, although they do not mold to windows like foam, but they can cover gaps up to 5 mm wide.

•Silicone gaskets. These insulators are more resistant than the previous two and last up to 15 years. They can cover 7 mm gaps and maintain a pleasant temperature inside the home; They also protect against the sun's ultraviolet rays. These insulators can be located at the top and bottom of doors and at the jamb, as well as at the edges of window frames.

•Felt. It works well as an insulator and is very cheap. It can last up to a year or two and is installed in window frames or door jambs.

•Brushes. There are two types of brushes: rigid and flexible. The former are made of aluminum and are installed at the bottom of the doors; They are characterized by being very resistant and durable. The flexible ones, on the other hand, are an ideal option for sliding doors and windows, as well as for mosquito nets. They can cover gaps up to 5 mm.

If you want to know our products to isolate the cold in your home, we invite you to visit our section  Insulating for doors and windows.

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