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How to take care of pots and pans in your kitchen?

•The utensils in our kitchen can quickly deteriorate if we do not use them properly or if we are not careful to treat them as they should. Here are some tips so you can extend the useful life of your pots and pans: After use, pots should be cleaned inside with a cloth smeared with cooking oil and outside with a soapy sponge. Another option to clean them is to use the soft side of a sponge spread with a few drops of lemon.

•Do not use spoons or forks made of any material other than plastic (not even wood).

•When the interior material of your pots is scratched, put half a pound of coarse salt (per pan) and heat it without stopping moving it from the handle until the salt turns gray, then clean it very hard with a cloth with oil, this will prevent the wound.

•When using the pots for the first time, boil a little vinegar inside, this way you will prevent the food from sticking later.

•Remember never to heat the pots while they are empty, this would damage their inner coating.

•To clean aluminum pots nothing better than a solution of oil and a few drops of alcohol, they will be impeccable without traces of black or scratches.

•To prevent aluminum pans from turning black, when you boil eggs, add lemon peels to the cooking water, another alternative is to boil water with some tomato peels in it, the acid they give off will help restore the original shine .

If you decide to put these tips into practice, your pots and pans will thank you. However, it is also necessary that you take care of them when saving them and for this we recommend you visit our section of  Pot Separator  so you can protect their inner surface by stacking them on top of each other.

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