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How to protect the glass of the dining room and coffee tables?

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Glass tables, whether they are in the dining room or small and are in the living room, give an elegant, bright and luminous character to the home, for which it is necessary to take care of them to prevent scratches or damage. opaque with dirt.

•The good news is that it is very easy to protect these crystals. That's why we present some very useful tips to keep your glass tables looking like new: Prevent scratches. Without a doubt, prevention is the best strategy for glass tables to remain intact. One of the most common problems is the appearance of scratches, which are caused by objects with sharp edges or hard bases, such as books, toys and other everyday items. Ideally, avoid putting this type of element on the glass or protect it properly.

•Clean properly. The cleanliness of this material is extremely important, as it is what defines its brightness and transparency. Avoid using abrasive products that contain ammonia and acid. During cleaning, refrain from using paper towels, as these leave a trail of lint with each pass. The best option is to apply a combination of water and white vinegar directly to the glass; to dry you can use newspaper, which is ideal to give these surfaces a clean and shiny appearance.

•Use rubber protectors. Glass tables need to be secured to prevent slipping and accidents. Products such as protectors and anti-slip products are perfect for solving this type of problem; you just have to take into account the size of your table to buy the right amount of protectors. This is one of the most effective ways to keep the glass in place despite any movement, but it also protects the edges from bumps.

•Use decorative tablecloths and cup holders. A glass table supports hot plates, mugs and glasses, which can leave marks on the surface over time. Therefore, a good idea to give a more aesthetic appearance to the table and at the same time protect the glass, is to use these decorative accessories.

•Locate the table outside of a dangerous area. If the table is in a high-traffic area, it may be very susceptible to bumps or objects falling on the glass. To prevent this from happening, you simply have to place the table in a place where it is not so exposed to any type of accident.

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