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Our products for the home are used to solve those small problems that arise in everyday life at home.


We care about each space providing practical and specific solutions for each need.

Interior Modern Brick House

Protectors for Automobiles

Protector Autos Max Hogar
Our protectors for cars protect your vehicle from suffering damage to the paint due to friction with the columns...

Protective Felts

Fieltro Adhesivo Max Hogar
Our adhesive felts have been developed to protect delicate surfaces in the home...

Kitchen accessories

Separador ollas Max Hogar
Our decorative and functional kitchen accessories seek to make your life easier.


Tope antideslizante 1.jpg
Our anti-slip for furniture are used to prevent sliding of the elements located on the surfaces...

Insulating for Doors and Windows

Burlete para puertas y ventanas max hoga
With our insulation for doors and windows you can keep away those annoying vibrations in your doors and...

Double Sided Tapes

cinta doble faz max hogar.jpg
Our double-sided tapes work for mounting and fixing work on almost any surface...

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Our goal is to make your life at home easier with each of our practical solutions


Get in touch with our offices in Bogotá, so that we can solve all your doubts about our Max Hogar products.

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