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How to protect your vehicle from bumps in the parking lot?

Parking Lot

Parking lots are places where cars are exposed to various types of shocks that can leave many marks or indentations, some very superficial, but others can be more serious, which means that you would have to spend on repairs or replacement of parts, depending on the level. of the impact.

•The good news is that these types of accidents can be avoided in different ways. Here are some ways to take care of your vehicle in the parking lot: Choose large places to park. In urban centers, space is very valuable, which makes it very difficult to find parking areas that allow you to open the doors of your vehicle completely, however, it is best to try to find these spaces, or at least make the most of them. the greatest number of millimeters you have available in a certain space.

•Avoid being in the middle of two cars. It doesn't matter if you're in a covered or outdoor parking lot, you should maximize the space, especially the space between your car and the adjoining wall or column, as these objects do not have moving parts that can scratch the doors of your vehicle. This is much safer than being in the middle of two cars, especially if one of them has scratches or dents.

•Look for the spaces farthest from the door. People tend to look for the parking spaces closest to the entrance or exit door to facilitate their entry into a place and to easily remember where they parked the car. For this reason, it is most useful to look for the farthest part, since it is easier to find empty spaces there, which reduces the chances of your car being hit or scratched.

•Park near sidewalks. If you are on the street and you must inevitably park your car in the middle of two other vehicles, try to leave it as close as possible to the sidewalk, of course, avoiding accidental knocks when opening the door. With this method you can prevent any friction with any of the cars that pass by or a more serious accident if you take up more space on the road.

•Use special protectors. In parking lots, especially covered ones, it is sometimes inevitable to bump into or rub against walls and columns, however, these accidents can also be avoided thanks to the use of protectors that can be placed on the walls to cushion impacts. The use of these protection elements considerably reduces damage, which is why it is an excellent alternative to take care of your vehicle in closed parking areas.

If you want to know more about how you can protect your car from bumps in parking lots, we invite you to visit our section  Protectors for automobiles .

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