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How to take care of wooden floors so that they are always impeccable?

Image by Thanos Pal

•At the moment we decide to install wooden floors in our home, everything around it looks radiant. However, over time they may begin to deteriorate, scratch or lose their initial shine. So that you avoid it, here are some practical tips that you can put into practice to better care for and preserve your floors. Place a mat before and after each entrance door to each space.

•Avoid wearing thin heels that can scratch the floor.

•Sweep your hardwood floors with a soft-haired broom.

•To clean the floor, use a damp cloth, well twisted in such a way that it picks up the dirt and does not wet the wood, then wipe it with a dry cloth.

•If you use wax, try to use one without solvent and only where the shine is lacking on the floor, do not use it on the edges or in places where people do not walk as these will turn black and look bad, wait about 20 minutes to Let the wax dry and then polish.

•In case of fungal stains on wooden floors, mix a liter of water with sodium triphosphate, this solution is rubbed with a brush on the parts with fungus, if the fungus persists, chlorine can be applied.

•To remove candle stains, place ice on the stain until the wax is frozen and then remove it gently with a spatula.

We hope these practical tips can help you keep your floors looking like new. We also recommend that you visit our section of  Protective Felts  that you can place on the legs or bases of the furniture to avoid scratching the floors with movement and use.

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