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MAX tells you how to organize, care for and protect surfaces like drawers and cabinets.


Kitchen drawers and cabinets, bathrooms, closets, refrigerators, closet floors are fantastic spaces in our home where we store and organize everything, these spaces also suffer the consequences of daily use, regardless of the material they are made of, they are scratched and damaged. easily.


MAX has the SURFACE PROTECTOR, a 100% Colombian product, which prevents objects from moving from one side to the other scratching the inside of our drawers and cabinets, it is a washable, non-toxic, non-slip, antibacterial product, ideal for all surfaces. areas that have contact with humidity, you can even use it in the fridge since its design has a micro perforation that allows humidity to be isolated.


MAX recommends:

  1. When we have more space, the more we accumulate things, we must incorporate an efficient methodology so that everything, clothes, souvenirs, supplies, jars, pots and countless other things that we keep in drawers are organized and easily accessible.

  2. Group things in boxes or baskets and you will overcome the chaos, the organizing boxes are the perfect ally, group them by type Eg, stationery, cream and perfume bottles, batteries, coins, etc...

  3. In the case of clothing, it is better to store it folded in an upright position, it takes up less space, it is easier to locate and it wrinkles less.

  4. Having pots and pans without rhyme or reason in the drawer is a headache in addition to taking up a lot of space, You can stack your pots and pans by size starting from the bottom up with the largest to the smallest, Always remember to put between pot and pot the MAX HOME POT SEPARATOR .

  5. Always use MAX SURFACE PROTECTOR  HOME, before filling your drawers, cabinets and surfaces.



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